North Liverpool Regeneration Company was established in 1996 as a community organisation, this was after the closure of the St Joseph School. The local community was involved in the fight to keep the school open however as they lost this they did not want the building or grounds to be sold to property developers or knocked down to build further student accommodation which was becoming the norm within the city at this current time.

Since the development of NLRCo, we have been successful in purchasing the whole complex and we have been able to access a cocktail of funding  in order to carry out the refurbishment. The funding has come from Urban, ESF, ERDF, NWDA, the Lottery and the Social Investment fund.

Due to the refurbishment of the complex, we now have been successful in creating the following on site:

1) Training Facility – in which has enabled us to deliver training within the following areas, Construction Apprenticeship, Business Start up assistance.
2) Community Centre – which enables us to house a boxing club, community play schemes during the school holidays, cookery classes, IT sessions,  Dance classes and day trips out during the school holidays.
3) Community Hall – which allows the tenants of the community to meet up on a weekly bases in order to have a local tea dance, hold the tenants social parties and also the local tenants meetings.
4) Office accommodation – we have a variety of office accommodation ranging from small offices to large areas of space to house organisational teams such as NHS, New Pathways, Natural Breaks.
5) 50 Place Nursery onsite.
6) Last project which has been completed involved the refurbishment of the former priest house which has involved the building into a 12 flats for independent living units.